Unseating an Incumbent Part 2: Gather and Execute on Business Development

Our last two blog posts were significant for a couple different reasons. The most recent post highlighted Theme Strategic Proposal’s FOURTH birthday which we do not take lightly. (We might throw a city-wide party for our fifth). Check out the post today and let us know if you have a favorite Theme/Liz memory from the […]

Crush Your Cover Letter on Every Request for Proposal

Note: This is a guest post from one of our proposal consultants, Chris! Anyone who has ever applied for a job is familiar with the formal cover letter. Or at least we hope so. A quality cover letter can help you stand out from a field of candidates for any given job. But did you know […]

How to Grow Your Business with Small/Diverse Business Certification

Whether you want to work with corporations or local, state or federal government entities, the importance of having small/diverse business certifications cannot be overstated. We spoke with Mary Shannon, founder of Connectus World Wide to learn more about navigating the certification process.  The following post is in question/answer form, but we wanted her responses to be as digestible […]

Identify the Data: Quantifying Your Impact through Verifiable Metrics

We love our first interactions with new clients because they build the foundation for our working relationship moving forward. More often than not, we stumble upon mutual connections, overlapping work, and/or additional ways we could possibly work together in the future. But when it’s time to discuss business and their hopes for winning any given […]

Just Keep Swimming: Navigating Business in a Post-2020 World (With a Newborn)

Over the last year, business leaders everywhere have had to adjust business models and keep up with the ever-changing climate. But what about those business leaders who happen to have just given birth, are navigating the challenges of feeding a newborn, and operating on little to no sleep? Okay, so not all women business leaders […]

Our Proven Process // How We Win YOU Projects and Money

There are a few things we pride ourselves in at Theme Strategic Proposals. For starters, we have followed the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) standards since our inception. And throughout the years, we have worked each day to refine, develop, and solidify templates and tools for the good of our client’s proposal process. We […]

The Business Development Process and How it Starts TODAY

How does the term “business development” make you feel? Anxious? Hopeful? Determined? Ideally, we think business development is all of the above—and some. How your business thinks about sales, relationships, and development is what will make or break you. Either you will continue to grow and evolve as a business, or decline until you run […]

Demystifying the Proposal Process // Part 2: Formal Proposals

In July, we highlighted a few words every business owner has heard before: “Send me a proposal.” We help business owners every day answer those requests—informal sales proposals—which require you to highlight your products/services, and make a worthy sales pitch in the process. We addressed informal sales proposals in Part 1 of this series in […]

Meet Liz! The Founder at Theme Strategic Proposal Tells All

This is a “Guest Post” from a close colleague. We interviewed Liz to hear more about her journey that led to Theme Strategic Proposals and where she sees the business heading! Over the last couple months, we’ve seen some great content from Liz on her Theme Strategic Proposals blog AND email newsletter. (If you aren’t […]