Ethics Survey Results: An Industry of Integrity

The APMP Ethics Survey was an association first and reveled fascinating information. I was thrilled to see the survey released and enjoyed participating in it. Here are a few highlights from the article published by APMP in August. 

Regarding the Ethics Survey topics, APMP Chair Jamie Ninneman said, “We asked our members about bid and proposal ethics, workplace behavior and treatment, and business ethics violations.” 


• 87% “believe their companies are ethical.”

• 60% believe those in their company could benefit from further training and eventually some form of APMP ethics certification and training.

• 88% of respondents feel a strong sense of accomplishment on the job. 

I am certainly among the respondents who feel a strong sense of accomplishment on the job. #passionateaboutproposals

“APMP’s Ethics Survey Report and its findings are important because we can see where we are strong as an industry and where we need to focus for improvement,” said Rick Harris, Executive Director of APMP. “I don’t know of another association that has taken this close a look at its industry. Since APMP’s goal is to support the profession, we believe that defining and modeling the ethical behavior is significant to that endeavor,” he said.

My thoughts on ethics:

There is no gray area in business and proposal ethics. It is never safe to assume anything. And it is always worthwhile to speak out against unethical, immoral or illegal behavior in the workplace. If it seems icky, it’s best to speak up. 

Review the APMP article here.