Our team is small but our experience is vast. We have prepared proposals for top organizations across many industries, as seen below. We enjoy learning your business as you learn, and benefit from, the teaching and implementation of proposal best practices.

From IT staffing services to software development, telecommunications, and emerging technology like robotic process automation, Theme writes content that both technical and non-technical people can understand.
The industry with our most experience, Theme understands the various tasks and resources involved in AEC projects such as geotechnical engineering, laboratory services, new construction, building renovations, and site planning.
Theme has developed proposals across many aspects of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, health insurers, laboratories, and medical device manufacturers.
Theme’s extensive design capabilities are well-suited for creative services proposals, including those for videography, marketing, branding, and website design RFPs.
For financial, legal, staffing, and professional development services, we excel in producing compelling content that focuses on intellectual capital, not just tangible products.

With experience with medical devices, personal protective equipment (PPE), and promotional displays, Theme learns about what happens in manufacturing facilities and turns that into enticing content. Our designers excel at creating graphics that show manufacturing processes as easy-to-understand visuals.

From K-12 to higher education, Theme develops proposals to educators that relay the importance of a specific solution for teachers, administrators, and students.
Theme has experience preparing many winning proposals through the energy services industry, including energy conservation, performance contracting, microgrids, and solar technology.
Theme has developed winning proposal to various government departments of transportation and aviation authorities.