Three Simple Things We Can Learn from Backyard Gardens

We harvested our first radishes of the year yesterday! I’ve become a bit of an expert at tending to my backyard garden recently, and it’s got me thinking about the similarities between nourishing the plants that grow there and how Theme helps small businesses thrive. I realized three specific lessons, in fact, that my gorgeous radishes taught me about the fruits of our labor . . .

First harvest of radishes from my garden!
LESSON 1: Planting the seed is sometimes the hardest part.

You might know you want radishes as an outcome of your gardening efforts, but it’s challenging to know exactly how to start. I was a little bit worried about failing – what if my plants didn’t grow? And worse, what if I killed them!?

What I learned is that a radish is a hearty, root vegetable that is small in shape but that packs a powerful, pungent punch. And that’s exactly how a small business can be too! The potential is always there, in the seed, we just need to harness the potential, give it the right environment, and provide nourishment.

Have you dug deep enough to understand your business needs – the environment your team needs in order to grow?  Theme can help you develop a targeted, sure-fire strategy so that the seeds you plant today will flourish in a competitive landscape.  My team of proposal and marketing experts love getting their hands dirty, researching and evaluating, so you don’t have to do all the figurative dirty work – we’ll help you plant the seeds of your business to ensure their healthy growth. 

LESSON 2: Knowing exactly when to provide water, when to add fertilizer, and when to leave it alone takes experience and keen observation.

Radishes require water frequently and evenly so that they mature quickly and so they remain hardy against the elements. But not everything growing in my garden requires the same frequency of watering! Some plants like drier soil, and others require regular fertilizer too.

And this is where Theme thrives! We are savvy when it comes to knowing exactly what your unique business needs – not just to grow but to stay healthy too. We realize that nourishment comes in various forms and quantities. We provide as much or as little as you need to remain hardy against the elements and to blossom when the time is right. Our ability to customize care enables you to stay healthy and proactive.

LESSON 3: Growing often requires a community effort.

Did you know that radishes grow best as companion plants – when they are planted alongside carrots, parsnips, and cabbages they actually grow faster than when they are planted alone. So, what does this mean for your business?  

It means that, like a garden, there is strength in numbers. Your small business benefits when you create bridges with other, similar enterprises to harness your strengths and to learn from each other. Radishes grow more robust when they make meaningful connections with the other plants around them rather than perceiving those plants as competition for resources. And that’s a great lesson! The Theme team has made intentional and profoundly meaningful connections with other small businesses, like David Neal Consulting, to help our clients grow efficiently and successfully.

And growing with companions makes the journey much, much more rewarding! With the right gardener tending to the crop, collectively we can all reap wonderful rewards. If you know what you want to harvest but aren’t sure how to plant the seeds or nourish the plants, take the first step by reaching out! I’m not just the resident radish expert; I’m great at nourishing small businesses too! 😉