“Should I Hire a Proposal Consultant?” Great Question. Here’s a Better Answer.

No, we’re not hitting you right off the bat with “Hire Theme Strategic Proposals to assist you in the RFP process” although that’s a great idea you just had. Rather, we want you to consider the aspects of an RFP, from start to finish, and if you’d benefit from a professional by your side. Which might not be the case! You and your team could very well be capable of tackling the request at hand. 

But if any of the following makes you think some help would be nice, please reach out. Whether for you or someone you know, we’d love to discuss what a working relationship could look like for the good of your (or their!) business.

Capture Plan. Plan to Win.

Prior to any RFP landing on your digital (or physical) doorstep, you need to have a capture planning process in place. Essentially, this is the business development component that leads to an effective RFP process in the long run. These relationships lead to “RFP intel” that might tip your team off to new RFP opportunities in the near-to-long-term future.

We will expound upon capture planning in a future post, but there is a way for your business to capture a plan that leads to winning more work. One of the most integral components to capture planning? Possessing your own sample RFP ready to go that you share with a prospective client so that if they want you to serve as their vendor, you can say, “Great! Here is a list of services we suggest you include in your RFP.” Just a small tip that could lead to big opportunities. Again, more to come in a future post.

Do you have someone on your team experienced in writing RFPs? Would an RFP expert help if your team is looking to create one of these sample RFPs? Just a couple questions to consider in the pre-RFP phase.

Proposal Planning Meetings

It’s possible to jump the gun. Did you know that? There are government AND non-government RFPs that come out on a regular basis that contain similar elements to previously released RFPs. Therefore, if your team has a good beat on past, current, or prospective clients, there should be elements of the RFP you can work on before ever laying eyes on the official document.

Now, some of these sections come standard to many RFP documents, but a proposal consultant will help you craft any answer so that it relates specifically to the client at hand. Have any talented, technical writers on your team that could help your business get ahead of the game? Then put them to work! Or hire someone who can help you get there.

Win Proposals. Grow Your Business.

Because that’s the bottom line, right? That’s why we’re here – so that you can build the business of your dreams. There are five key components:

1) Read the RFP and 2) make sure you’re 100% compliant. Once you 3) form solid client relationships, you can 4) start your proposal in advance and 5) ensure your content is highly responsive to the RFP and your understanding of the customer.

We’ve discussed items one and two in previous posts, but hopefully you now have a greater understanding of three through five. And if you need help on any of these items, we know the perfect proposal consultant—they’re just an inquiry away.