A successful proposal is not just about answering questions in an RFP and submitting a price. Theme can help you to develop successful proposal organizations by finding the right opportunities, preparing strong foundational content, and developing tools and processes to ensure you are bidding smartly and efficiently.

Create and update your profile on proposal procurement sites so you can receive appropriate bidding opportunities. We monitor these sites (or we can have them sent to you directly) and update your profiles as needed. We can create a bid/no-bid tool that will help you determine if bidding opportunities are both appropriate and winnable.

Develop a repeatable pattern of responding to RFPs so that each engagement follows your standards. A consistent approach to proposal development, from kick-off to writing to submission, ensures all members of your team are fully aligned in how and why to pursue RFPs.

Develop internal tools and checklists that ensure proposal best practices are ingrained in the culture and consistently followed. Examples of these tools include bid/no-bid process, compliance matrix, review checklist, and production checklist.

Create market-facing templates to ensure that your branding and color schemes are consistently represented on all proposal-related submissions. We suggest a Word or InDesign document and will include a standard front and back cover; table of contents; heading and narrative font styles; and editable call-out boxes.

Strategically engage your prospective customer and plan your response before the RFP is released. We develop capture plans and pre-RFP assets to ensure that your win themes, differentiators, technical content, and pricing is well thought out before you begin to respond to an RFP.

Build a library of content that can easily be inserted into any proposal-related deliverable. From cover letters, executive summaries, resumes, case studies, references, and infographics, to narratives on products, services, company overviews, quality processes, safety, training, and project management methodologies – we can structure a repository that is easy for your team to find, customize, and maintain content.

Receive expert guidance on any aspect of your proposals or your process. Theme’s experts have been certified by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, the gold standard of bids and proposals professionals, so you can be assured that our advice is based from both our years of experience and formal industry training. This could be in the form of high-level consulting, such as effective writing, or could be on a per-proposal basis, such as performing a quality review of your response.

Review your strategic proposal efforts and provide feedback on what you are doing well and recommendations for enhancements, including what you can do on your own or how to engage Theme going forward. Our review could include analyzing any internal processes or tools in use; reading recent winning and losing proposal submissions; and interviewing stakeholders. We offer a discounted rate on this service if you engage Theme on follow-up recommendations.